Monday, September 10, 2007

Today the food court...

You just never know where talent and a willingness to share it will take a person. My efforts at getting the music out (and in some cases, the money in) have allowed me the privilege of sharing a step or two of the journey with several of those talented folks. Example: Edwina Hayes (on right in this picture with Carissa Broadwater*: photo by Michelle Radcliffe).

I met Edwina a few years ago, when I was scouting for someone to help me fill several 3-hour slots performing in the food court of Prime Outlets Mall in Lebanon, TN, on Saturdays during the Christmas season. I knew my fingers couldn't handle that much wear, and it's more fun with someone else; I had done a similar gig at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga with my friend Michelle Young.

I found Edwina performing a multi-artist showcase at 12th & Porter, and her stage presence and sweet nature were evident right away. Plus, she is a Brit, so her accent made everything she said sound classy (not in a stuffy way, but more like the Nanny on TV--proper yet fun-loving).

Fortunately she was not too proud to sing at a mall, and since the pay was good and we had the freedom to include originals, it turned out well for both of us.

Edwina "held court" for a while at the Sherlock Holmes Pub, and when she was playing she'd invite pretty much anyone up to do a song or two--a great way to make friends in Nashville, in case you're taking notes. This is how I got to hear and meet Livingston Taylor (brother of JT), and how he got to hear me, for what that was worth (he was kind). I was happy to tell him how much I'd enjoyed his book "Stage Performance," written from a class he teaches at Berklee in Boston, and especially to see a professor practice what he preaches.

Then Edwina was signed to Warner-Chappell U.K. as a writer. That led to an artist deal, so she returned to England to record an album, and has been touring the U.K. ever since. Even opened for Nanci Griffith and Van Morrison.

Again, I'm not saying I deserve any credit for her current success, of course...I'm just glad to have witnessed some of it up close.

AND I'm glad she's coming back for a visit next week! Here's where she'll be:

Hear Edwina Hayes

Brown's Diner
Monday, Sep 17
8:00 PM

Bluebird Cafe
Wed. Sep 19
6:00 PM
with Kacey Jones, Bob Saporiti and Jon Mark Stone

*P.S.: Is it my imagination or is Edwina’s friend Carissa Broadwater the grownup spittin’ image of my 3rd grade crush, Kathy Hyde? And don’t they both look a lot like Melissa Sue Anderson from “Little House On the Prairie”?

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