Thursday, September 06, 2007

FabHab: more than just a cover band (but not much)

Presenting more songs (or song parts, or references to songs, or raised eyebrows indicating passing thoughts about songs not actually being played) in one set than any other band you've ever ignored at a club while shouting a "fascinating" story to your pretentious friends about dealing with your condo owner's association while they eye the door for someone else (anyone else) to arrive...the Fabulous Has Beens will hit the stage once again next week. I consider this performance a late birthday present to me, though I have no indication anyone associated with the band knows or cares that I'm marking another year of life. It's enough that, if they did, they'd go on with the performance regardless and wish me the best, as long as I showed up and paid my five bucks to get in.

From their bio:

From humble beginnings to an even more humbling career…..The Fabulous Has Beens have realized every musician’s dream…Or rather, they’ve realized that the spoils of rock and roll notoriety…the constant debauchery and the endless supply of narcotics and female companionship, are reserved for more popular and successful artists. So setting aside any residual dignity, they celebrate their insignificance and wear proudly the badge of being one of the least relevant bands in the annals of rock and roll history.
Their swan song, “Live at the Blue Sky Court,” still holds the distinction of being the worst selling 8 track tape in the history of recorded music.
[Now] Content to manufacture a future by living off the past success of others, The Fabulous Has Beens set out to prove, night in and night out, that when they are on stage, there is only one band on stage.

See you at the Rutledge, 9:30 pm, Friday Sept. 14.

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(post date Sept. 17)
As I like to say often, especially when it's true, "I was right." Here is a link to the pics of the good time that was had by all at the show:
FabHaB live at the Rutledge

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