Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred for Prez in 08

OK, so he's an actor--a Hollywood insider. And a longtime politician--a Washington insider. And (gulp) a LAWYER, in real life as well as on TV. And not the picture of health. And Lord knows what else that is none of my business. And odds don't favor a conservative Southern Republican at this point, especially given Americans' reactionary voting tendencies.

BUT he's a Tennessean (rescued as a young child from being brought up in Alabama, the place of his birth), has held actual jobs at varying pay scales, a conservative, has a record of opposing waste in government, was at some point a regular attender of a church that to its credit teaches the principle that beliefs are to be acted upon (once declined a request to autograph a young lady's Bible on a visit to his parents' church, so at least he's got more respect for the Book than some Christian musicians), and well, he just seems like the kind of guy who could handle the job better than most. And being an "insider" is not such a bad thing if you want to get things done, so as long as they're the right things, this is a selling point.

So, pending further developments, and keeping in mind I'm no political enthusiast, nor do I claim to be an expert, call me a Fredhead. I've been called worse.

Wonder who'll be his costar--er, running mate?

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