Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to Africa...without me, this time

Yet another group of adventurers will depart the comforts of home for the thrills of travel (with a few possible minor hardships, annoyances and inconveniences thrown in) as the next missions team from Brentwood Baptist Church heads for Cape Town, South Africa, tomorrow morning. I have a few regrets that I won't be going with them, especially since I don't even have my own solo trip lined up for later as I did last year. But I couldn't let them go without sticking a hand in here and there, in attempts to be involved in the effort in my own small way. I did an update to the team blog and made sure to remind them to blog if possible (it's in the expert hands of Amanda, its creator). I engaged a team member or two to carry a few small gifts to friends there and to bring back some apartment decor for me ("contributing to the S.A. economy" counts as ministry service!). I even got to do a little voluntary advance p.r. for my comic friend Anita Renfroe, who'll be over there in May for a conference, by sending some of her books with the hope of getting her hooked up with Living Hope.

Call it a "heart for the people," a hobby or even an obsession...hopefully somewhere along the way I'll have managed to do something that is helpful in a long-term sense. Otherwise I'm just being a pest for no redeeming purpose!

As a tribute to the team, here's a little parody I made up and have never had the chance to peform (because the airport lobby is not as conducive to impromptu concerts as you might think):

Missionary Man
(to the tune of "Ramblin' Man" by the Allman Bros.)

Lord, I'm a missionary man
Totin' my Bible and doin' the best I can
When it's time for leavin', my passport's in my hand
'Cause I'm a missionary man

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