Thursday, June 28, 2007

4pm on the 4th at Lyrix

I'll be taking the stage at 4 pm with my friend Joni Bishop as part of this big-hairy-deal event. I'll be doing a mix of gospel songs and 70's pop tunes...because I can. I'm honing my B.J. Thomas impression as you read this. Should be fun...and if it rains, all the better, because we'll be indoors! HA!

* * *

To quote Tom Jones, “it’s not unusual” to hear a familiar song at a writers round in Nashville. That’s because so many hit writers are on stage here on any given night, playing the songs they offer the world, hoping for that ever-elusive chance at riches and fame…or at least hoping to cover the rent and support their songwriting habit for another year.

But at Lyrix Music Bar & Café in downtown Nashville this July 4th, songwriters will check their own songs at the door to perform their favorite hits they DIDN'T write. From 3 pm until closing time, songwriters will perform everything from country to pop to gospel and more, in a tribute to the rich “catalog” of American music…“the songs heard ‘round the world.” Their choices are bound to include many crowd favorites.

Naturally, there will be a break in the action onstage during the downtown fireworks display. The location of the club promises a great view from inside or outside. After the fireworks, Rick Stewart and his band Redbud66 will continue the celebration.

The early rounds will be hosted by Barbara Cloyd, who presents a writers night every Wednesday at Lyrix. Cloyd is also known as host of the famed open mic at the Bluebird Café, where she’s become a “one woman welcoming committee” for songwriters seeking a little stage time and encouragement-—both precious commodities for newcomers to Music City.

The café will offer special menu items to help celebrate the day, including hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecue and chicken.

Admission is $10 at the door. Parking downtown will be at a premium so organizers suggest carpooling and arriving early.

Lyrix Music Bar & Café is a non-smoking establishment, just a few blocks east of Riverfront Park. Call 615-734-6426 for more info.

This blog post brought to you by...

I attended my first pro football game last Saturday here in Nashville. I had to clarify to at least one person that, yes, the Nashville Kats are a pro team...they may not get paid as much as an NFL team, but the Arena Footbal League does pay. I discovered where much of their payroll money must come from pretty quickly...I've never been exposed to so much advertising at a sports event in my life! The sales staff must be as big as the team itself, judging from the sponsored "moments," special promotions, souvenir stuff, etc. Truly the capitalist system at its finest...if it moves, sell it.

Fun to watch, though, and our team won. Woo-hoo!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

And CK has some talented friends

Here's one for your calendar...or Blackberry...or iPhone...or just write it on your hand...whatever.

Not only do Casey's initials evoke style and elegance (sure it's a coincidence, but still...), her talents have helped another fetching young songstress pique the interest of women trying to find a good man, and men trying to figure out what gorgeous women want so they can pretend to have it. Or make enough money so it doesn't matter.

Note the lineup includes Kelly Archer; my faithful readers will need no introduction to her or what I think of here's the link. You're welcome.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I suppose I should be rehearsing for this

Once again the urge has arisen to express my inner whatchamacallit and drag as many people to witness it, and yet another phenom-in-progress has allowed me to hitch the wagon of my modest ambitions to the star of her impending fame so I can benefit from the perception of "talent by association."

You're invited (actually everyone is, so don't get too excited) to Edgehill Studios Cafe to witness what may be just the nudge Heather Morgan's career needs to find a permanent nest in the rarefied atmosphere of worldwide celebrity shared by the privileged few--country music stardom. Or just a fun time playing and singing a few tunes with a friend or two (including yours truly).

Either way, hope you can drop by between 6 and 7 pm--6 pm sharp, won't want to miss a minute. Then when she's a big star with her picture splashed all over the tabloids with people making up outrageous stories about her personal life, you can brag to your pals "Hey, I saw her in person. For free! I don't believe a word they're saying about her--she was too nice for that."