Sunday, April 10, 2011

Connecting the dots

They say fashion is cyclical. Well, people who can pronounce "cyclical" say it; other people say "hang onto that, it'll come back." My best friend can now be glad he still has his Members Only jacket, since those have become retro hip. (Never mind he never stopped wearing it--he still gets points).

When I saw this dress on this reporter for the Nashville local news, it took me back to a book I remembered from my childhood. Thanks to Google Images, I can prove that juvenile literature has had an influence on fashion beyond those red-and-white-striped hats worn with a touch of ironic intent by fun-loving concertgoers.

Fortunately, this look totally works for her (at least in my considered estimation). She can read to me anytime, anywhere. (Yes, that may be kind of sexist, but it's OK; this is a blog, not a company newsletter).