Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jenn plus Sabrina equals one great show

Y'all go to this, and tell 'em I sent you! (You may not get anything extra by telling them, but it'll make me look like a well-connected mover and shaker).

Sabrina ( is a riveting performer whose songs are infused with positive energy and an abiding sense of hope. Her style is reminiscent of Tracy Chapman or Richie Havens.

She has shared stages around the country with her talented friends on the Nashville Songwriters Tour and the No Divas Tour. She is a recent winner of a popular open mic contest at another local venue.

Jenn Franklin ( has been compared to Sarah McLachlan and Aimee Mann.

With the release of her first full-length album, Girl Invisible, Franklin is primed to build on the critical success of her debut EP, Errors & Admissions, a six-song EP that earned national airtime on more than 170 college and independent radio stations, with two of the songs also showing up on MTV’s “Real World Hollywood.”

Franklin has been featured as a showcased artist for the SXSW Music Conference, and she’s also earned headlines at events like the Midpoint Music Festival, Midwest Music Summit, Diversafest, International Folk Festival and NY Songwriters Showcase.
34 Frazier Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37405-3931
(423) 475-6175

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Shakespeare has seldom been so entertaining. Or schizophrenic.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The rubber band of Damocles

So now I have THIS hanging over my head.

I often idly shoot a rubber band into the ceiling and catch it again. My brother Chris used to do the same basic thing when we were kids, only he'd lie on his back, and toss a baseball straight up and catch it in his glove, over and over. This is just easier, and less likely to create unwanted holes in the plaster or bruises on the face.

So this happened. The rubber band caught in the ceiling texture, and is hanging above me as I type. I assume this is not an unprecedented occurrence, but I thought it was amusing, and you never know when the Guinness people (as in world records, not ale) are paying attention, so here it is. I'll be glad to update anyone who's interested over the coming weeks and months as to whether it's still there or not. It would be reassuring to know someone has even less of a life than I do.

Guess this would have been part of legend already, if the Greeks had fought with these instead of swords.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Henry Cho Comedy Show TV taping July 25

This sounds like fun.

Got the below message from Rik Roberts, a clean comic based here in Nashville. By "clean," I don't mean he bathes regularly...though I assume he does. I mean he does family-friendly comedy. It's actually more of a challenge to get laughs that aren't at least partially dependent on the shock factor that vulgar language entails. That's MY excuse, anyway.

Henry Cho is another clean comic. You may have seen him on TV. He jokes about being a Korean and a (U.S.) Southerner (simultaneously). I'm pretty sure I glimpsed him on campus at UT, Knoxville, on a game day long ago. I think he's from Knoxville. Apparently he's a UT he's got THAT going for him, too.

From Rik:

You're invited to join the crowd as we tape the pilot episode of the "Henry Cho Comedy Show". The show will feature comedians, country music stars as well as sketches and video. Tix are only $5. If you come out I'll give you $5 off my new cd coming in a few weeks. So you really can 't lose!

Location: The Fontanel Mansion
4225 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN
Time: 8-11 PM CST.
Tickets available here.
The show will air on September 8th on GAC, 7 PM CST.

POST-SHOW POST: This show was face hurts from laughing. Look forward to see the edited results on Sept.8 on GAC.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

PT in PT (Pat Terry in Portland, TN)

Just another brilliant tip on an event to add to your schedule: Pat Terry will be in concert on Thursday, July 14, 7pm at Immanuel Baptist Church in Portland, TN, near Nashville.

Pat's songs and presentation are sometimes quirky, sometimes poignant, but always compelling. He is one of my musical heroes from way back, and I am far from alone in that.

He is well known to many from his days in the Pat Terry Group, who were part of the first wave of contemporary Christian music, a.k.a. "Jesus Music," in the 70's. Some know him for his hard-hitting, hard-rocking solo work from the 80's. Still others know his work from the liner notes of some very successful artists, as he eventually made a name for himself in the Nashville country market as a songwriter. His credits include hit songs performed by Sammy Kershaw, Tanya Tucker, Alan Jackson, B.J. Thomas, John Anderson and more.

Pat's latest work is as good as anything he's ever done, which is saying a LOT.

This concert is the opening event for the 2011 National Conference of The Fellowship of Mere Christianity, "a group of evangelical churches united in orthodox belief, respect, charity and accountability." Any group named after a C.S. Lewis book has to be a fun bunch of folks, right?

Immanuel Baptist Church
751 Scattersville Road, Portland, TN 37148
Phone: 615-325-5185
Thursday, July 14, 7pm
Admission is FREE