Wednesday, July 06, 2011

PT in PT (Pat Terry in Portland, TN)

Just another brilliant tip on an event to add to your schedule: Pat Terry will be in concert on Thursday, July 14, 7pm at Immanuel Baptist Church in Portland, TN, near Nashville.

Pat's songs and presentation are sometimes quirky, sometimes poignant, but always compelling. He is one of my musical heroes from way back, and I am far from alone in that.

He is well known to many from his days in the Pat Terry Group, who were part of the first wave of contemporary Christian music, a.k.a. "Jesus Music," in the 70's. Some know him for his hard-hitting, hard-rocking solo work from the 80's. Still others know his work from the liner notes of some very successful artists, as he eventually made a name for himself in the Nashville country market as a songwriter. His credits include hit songs performed by Sammy Kershaw, Tanya Tucker, Alan Jackson, B.J. Thomas, John Anderson and more.

Pat's latest work is as good as anything he's ever done, which is saying a LOT.

This concert is the opening event for the 2011 National Conference of The Fellowship of Mere Christianity, "a group of evangelical churches united in orthodox belief, respect, charity and accountability." Any group named after a C.S. Lewis book has to be a fun bunch of folks, right?

Immanuel Baptist Church
751 Scattersville Road, Portland, TN 37148
Phone: 615-325-5185
Thursday, July 14, 7pm
Admission is FREE

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