Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Henry Cho Comedy Show TV taping July 25

This sounds like fun.

Got the below message from Rik Roberts, a clean comic based here in Nashville. By "clean," I don't mean he bathes regularly...though I assume he does. I mean he does family-friendly comedy. It's actually more of a challenge to get laughs that aren't at least partially dependent on the shock factor that vulgar language entails. That's MY excuse, anyway.

Henry Cho is another clean comic. You may have seen him on TV. He jokes about being a Korean and a (U.S.) Southerner (simultaneously). I'm pretty sure I glimpsed him on campus at UT, Knoxville, on a game day long ago. I think he's from Knoxville. Apparently he's a UT fan...so he's got THAT going for him, too.

From Rik:

You're invited to join the crowd as we tape the pilot episode of the "Henry Cho Comedy Show". The show will feature comedians, country music stars as well as sketches and video. Tix are only $5. If you come out I'll give you $5 off my new cd coming in a few weeks. So you really can 't lose!

Location: The Fontanel Mansion
4225 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN
Time: 8-11 PM CST.
Tickets available here.
The show will air on September 8th on GAC, 7 PM CST.

POST-SHOW POST: This show was funny...my face hurts from laughing. Look forward to see the edited results on Sept.8 on GAC.

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