Sunday, July 24, 2011

The rubber band of Damocles

So now I have THIS hanging over my head.

I often idly shoot a rubber band into the ceiling and catch it again. My brother Chris used to do the same basic thing when we were kids, only he'd lie on his back, and toss a baseball straight up and catch it in his glove, over and over. This is just easier, and less likely to create unwanted holes in the plaster or bruises on the face.

So this happened. The rubber band caught in the ceiling texture, and is hanging above me as I type. I assume this is not an unprecedented occurrence, but I thought it was amusing, and you never know when the Guinness people (as in world records, not ale) are paying attention, so here it is. I'll be glad to update anyone who's interested over the coming weeks and months as to whether it's still there or not. It would be reassuring to know someone has even less of a life than I do.

Guess this would have been part of legend already, if the Greeks had fought with these instead of swords.

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