Thursday, September 09, 2010

At the Listening Room, Sept. 26

This is a great way to keep the weekend going as long as possible!

I'll be playing in the round with some very talented people at the Listening Room on Sunday. Sept. 26 (as you know if you read the title of this post). We're kicking off this writers night hosted by Lorna Flowers at 6 pm. Come early and get a good seat (there's lots of 'em, but don't take chances), order a good meal and enjoy.

My "co-rounders" will be Tori Bigelow, Melissa Fuller and J.P. Williams. All very talented, of course.

The Listening Room
In Cummins Station
209 10th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203-4124
(615) 259-3600
Free admission. Free parking, too; either in the spaces along the street in front of Cummins Station, or across the street in the designated lot.

Carl Reiner unmasked

I never noticed the resemblance before, until I saw comedy great Carl Reiner on TV...and he reminded me of a certain riveting scene from the Star Wars film series. Pictures don't lie. Clearly this is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. Until now. Move over, TMZ.

It's tough to get people to take you seriously once you've established an image as a comic. Quite an accomplishment here. Way to go, Carl.