Monday, June 11, 2007

I suppose I should be rehearsing for this

Once again the urge has arisen to express my inner whatchamacallit and drag as many people to witness it, and yet another phenom-in-progress has allowed me to hitch the wagon of my modest ambitions to the star of her impending fame so I can benefit from the perception of "talent by association."

You're invited (actually everyone is, so don't get too excited) to Edgehill Studios Cafe to witness what may be just the nudge Heather Morgan's career needs to find a permanent nest in the rarefied atmosphere of worldwide celebrity shared by the privileged few--country music stardom. Or just a fun time playing and singing a few tunes with a friend or two (including yours truly).

Either way, hope you can drop by between 6 and 7 pm--6 pm sharp, won't want to miss a minute. Then when she's a big star with her picture splashed all over the tabloids with people making up outrageous stories about her personal life, you can brag to your pals "Hey, I saw her in person. For free! I don't believe a word they're saying about her--she was too nice for that."

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