Thursday, September 27, 2007

GMA = Good Morning Anita!

Got a tip from a slightly-confused but helpful friend that my comic/singer/songwriter/author/etc friend Anita Renfroe got some major-league coverage yesterday morning on ABC's "Good Morning America."

(I just can't get away from this lady lately! See the previous post, below).

My friend's confusion was that, since he didn't have the sound on the TV at the time, and since his view of the national media is based on more suspicion than fact, he assumed this lady he thought he'd heard of had said something to upset a bunch of liberals somewhere, and figured that's why she was on TV. I have to be careful to filter his interpretations of certain things (pretty much anything involving human relationships), and fortunately in this case he was wrong. But with Anita, it was a definite possibility.

GMA hosts Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer introduced a clip from Anita's DVD as something they found on the web. They were heard laughing at it throughout, and gave it major kudos afterward.

[The clip including the intro was up on the GMA site for a while, but has since been removed...the world must go on.--MKH, 10-1-07].

See what the fuss was all about:
click to go to Anita's myspace, find the "Total Momsense Clip"
or view below.

Reminds me of the joke that you can judge your level of cultural sophistication by whether, when you hear the William Tell Overture, the first thing you think of is the Lone Ranger. Nowadays it's also an age test. Oy.

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