Friday, May 24, 2013

I appreciate your appreciation

Nice to get a thank-you from a customer.  This one especially made me smile.  I did some editing on a new version of the late Bob Babbitt's Awareness Guide for Bass Players and All Fellow Musicians.  It's a self-published book, and in a literary sense it's rough around the edges (as well as in the center), even after my contributions (i.e., corrections and clarifications). Babbitt's genius was playing bass, not grammar and punctuation.  But it's a fun read, because his personality really shines through, and his stories and tips are fascinating to the music fan.  And he has some pretty impressive fans.

Babbitt was involved in some legendary recordings (I'm too lazy to summarize; get the gist here).  He passed away last year, and his widow (Ann) and daughter have continued to preserve his legacy, partly through the book.

Ann's choice of card art was so over-the-top cute, I had to laugh...especially because she wrote my name under one puppy and my boss's name under the other.  I mean, I like him and all, but we're not THAT close.  Although we are both known to be pretty adorable.

In what I found to be an interesting coincidence, I realized that a film called Standing In the Shadows of Motown, about the group Bob was part of, the Funk Brothers, was in my Netflix queue as I worked on the book!  I look forward to seeing it more than ever now.

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