Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Learn from the best: Steve Seskin & co.

Just got the word that the Steve Seskin Songcrafting Seminar is coming up, Jan. 22 - 24 here in Nashville. This town is host to a lot of seminars, workshops and meetings dedicated to improving your songwriting skills, and numerous individuals with various degrees of industry cred offering to help you for a fee. The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) would be in the top of my recommended list...and I wouldn't mention the bottom, even if I had anyone in mind. This is not an NSAI event, but it offers the same quality of instruction from some top writers in the field. It's not cheap, but if you want to improve your ability to communicate through words & music, or just hang out with the experts, it's a good value.

You can see what Steve and his talented friends will be offering for this weekend of instruction and inspiration by clicking here. This page includes a link to course descriptions.

Additional pro writers participating in the weekend include Allen Shamblin ("I Can't Make You Love Me," "He Walked On Water") and Gretchen Peters ("Independence Day").

If (like me) you already know everything there is to know about songwriting (HA! as if), and you just want to see a great concert, Steve will be performing at my former workplace-away-from-work, Edgehill Studios Cafe, on Friday Jan. 22. Admission for non-conference folks is $10. See photos from a previous event here.

For more info contact Claudia Young.

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