Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good news, bad news

Good news: I have President's Day off (Monday, February 15) because the print center I work for closes when our client (Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County) takes a day off.

Bad news: my choices are to work in another location, take an unpaid day, or burn a vacation day on a Monday when I have little hope of having anything to do that is interesting or necessary.

Good news: maybe I'll get a sweet Valentines Day gig the night before and need to sleep late or travel home.

Bad news: given my current relational status and history, it's statistically unlikely that a Valentines Day gig wouldn't be extremely depressing. Refer to the post-breakup scenes in "The Wedding Singer" for clarification.

Good news: if I did get the above gig, I'd have the whole day to recuperate from the aforementioned aftereffects.

Bad news: I'm being incredibly self-involved by worrying about this at all, much less blogging it.

Good news: I have a job, I have vacation time, I have a day off, I'm single and not completely out of hope (relationally or otherwise), I'm sure that nearly any gig would be in itself the best therapy available (especially call me) and I have a blog to work out all this stuff and hopefully enrich someone else's experience as well.

Good news wins!

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