Saturday, February 02, 2008

Songs for Sudan Feb. 26

Guys, in case your Valentine’s Day effort (assuming you made one) doesn’t match up to her expectations (or she threatens that restraining order again), here’s a great backup plan to make it all right again:

Bring her to the Belcourt on Feb. 26 (or send her with her friends so they can really vent their frustrations about you and all men) to the "Songs for Sudan" benefit. Music has healing properties, as we all know, and it seems this is especially true for piano music, which will share more of the spotlight with the guitar than it usually does at the typical Nashville event. Sure it’s not great for sub-window serenading, but nothing sets the mood for romance like an expert tickling of the ivories. And even if that Hallmark-invented holiday that creates fear and dread for many and probably shakes up more relationships than it solidifies (not that I’m bitter) doesn’t go well, it never hurts to bank a little goodwill for the future; you may need it more than you think.

ANYWAY, whatever effect the music may have on your love life, this concert could make a long-term impact on lives in a part of the world that could use some real love. Aid Sudan will use the proceeds (minus the required buck-fifty to help keep the lights on at the host venue) to help build schools and train teachers in the troubled southern region of Sudan. And that’s the kind of gift that is worth giving all year round.

Scheduled to perform:
Suzy Bogguss is a multi-platinum recording artist whose vocal talents have won the appreciation of critics as well as commercial success in a variety of styles including country and jazz. Her versatility and musically adventurous nature is reflected on her new album, Sweet Danger.

John Barlow Jarvis is a Grammy-winning pianist/songwriter who has written hits for groups like the Judds, including “Love Can Build a Bridge.” Jarvis is one of the most prolific, prominently-featured pianists in the modern era of Nashville recording.

Will Kimbrough is a guitarist, producer, and creator of timeless songs in both pop motifs and dusty Americana. He is a sought-after sideman, playing for Jimmy Buffett (who recorded Will’s “Piece of Work” on his License to Chill album), Rodney Crowell, Todd Snider, Kim Richey, Josh Rouse, and more.

Steve Leslie is a songwriter and guitarist whose songs have been recorded by George Strait, Darryl Worley, and others.

Will Barrow, also a Grammy recipient, is a pianist and songwriter who has worked in the studio and on stage with a list of artists including Suzy Bogguss, Ronnie Laws, Rosie Flores, and Vickie Sue Robinson.

David Crossman is an award-winning composer and Christian recording artist. He has shared his music in the many places around the world where his volunteer work has taken him.

One Flew South is a recently-signed male vocal trio that is produced by Grammy-winning producer/writer Marcus Hummon.

As always, YOU CAN HELP by spreading the word:

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Suzy Bogguss joins other Nashville talents to offer “Songs for Sudan”
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