Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That's cold

I sent this "killer" comedy material to the local country station but I doubt they'll use it...and I just couldn't keep 'em to myself now, could I?

Young TV star Luke Benward, guest-reporting from the annual Country in the Rockies event (which involved country artists skiing, doing music, etc. raising money for charity) in the entertainment column of the Tennessean:

"We raised over $30,000 at Cocoa for the Cure, sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts. There were 20 other kids that helped us sell cocoa and coffee at the base of the mountain."

Benward didn't mention the main reason he made so much money: the rich celebrity customers didn't listen past the first part of his sales pitch. They misheard "cocoa" and thought he was selling something else. (They were disappointed to find out that was only sugar on those donuts).

Also, this story proves that, as any good commercial real estate broker will tell you, the three most important features of a business property are "location, location, location"! And if your business involves sellling hot beverages for charity, it helps if your location is wall-to-wall with wealthy celebrities who are freezing their butts off.

I can hear my dad now (as he shook his head): "Ten thousand comedians out of work and YOU'RE telling jokes!" But he would only say this after laughing at what I said. So blame him.

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