Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday tuneage

Since you asked (or wanted to but were too shy) here are a couple of recommendations for Christmastime music listening.

Fleming & John have put the most rockin' spin on "Winter Wonderland" since spandex-and-hair band Stryper recorded it in the 80's. They've offered it and another song for free download. About the first song, their myspace bulletin said:
This one is a bit touchy...can't post it on our MySpace as Led Zep doesn't have a sense of humor about parodies. They did give us permission to give it away though. A bit LoFi but we don't know where the original master is. So HERE it is in all of it's ridiculous glory.

Turns out those bulletins are useful for more than just self-interviews and exploitation by spammers!

Here are the links; you can click to listen (depending on your computer setup) or follow the instructions below to download (legally! free!):

"Winter Wonderland" (Led-ed version)

"Carol of the Bells"

To download, Cntrl-click and "Save Link Target As..." on a Mac. On a pc, right-click and "Save Target As...".

If you're into a more subdued approach, check out the melancholy and achingly sweet (but far from syrupy) sounds of Mindy Smith. She has 4 songs from her Christmas album "My Holiday" posted on her myspace site.

Click the Play button after the player loads, top right. A nice change to the myspace player is that it continues to play all the songs without having to prompt each one.

The album is in stores and on iTunes.

And of course there's Andrew Peterson. Not only does he have songs from his Christmas album (which features his talented friends as well as himself) posted on his myspace, he'll be bringing it live to the Ryman Auditorium tonight. Here's an article about it in the Tennessean.


This just in:
Here's one discerning diva's opinion of the show (summary: it was good...the important part you need to remember: I was right).
--MKH, 12-17

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