Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Been pretty slow lately. I realize this is a hectic time for a lot of people in America, shopping, decorating, planning, traveling, working extra hours to pay for it all. Not me. The workload at the fulltime job is so slow that in the art department we spend more time brazenly surfing the internet than working. But we still take our scheduled breaks.

As a so-far-still-single man, I don't go crazy on buying gifts (once our family got to a certain size, we declared a limit for the sake of preserving financial sanity). I live by myself so I'm over the feeling of obligation to decorate. Not much to plan; I go to parties hosted by other folks...I'm always good for the sodas or chips or whatever else you can buy at the convenience store on the way. My travel is a 2-hour drive to Chattanooga. I really should make more of an effort to get a second job, but nothing seems worth the trouble or inconvenience at this point.

So, inertia is setting in. I feel a little like the children in the Wood Between the Worlds in The Magician's Nephew (part of C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles series). Not a good place to stay. But I'm sure it's temporary.

One bright spot was volunteering at Safe Haven yesterday evening, with a group from my church singles class. Safe Haven offers temporary housing and assistance to families. The facilities are very decent and arranged like a dorm or hostel. We served dinner, made family pictures, did crafts. I played a few Christmas songs and let the kids take turns strumming while I made the chords--always a kid-pleaser. Would've been neat if Danielle Peck, their celebrity spokesperson, had dropped by...but no such luck. Oh, well.

I look forward to the pace picking up. I'm no activity addict, but this is getting to be more leisure than I can stand.

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