Thursday, November 01, 2007

But my face rings a bell

In addition to having a common name (see previous post), I also apparently have a common face. I've lost count on how many people have told me I looked familiar and had clearly never seen me, and how many have mistaken me for someone else.

I was at Tin Pan South a few years ago and a singer/songwriter I was standing next to in one of the clubs looked at me intently and said "I did a session with you!" But since I'd never done any recording in a Nashville studio I knew he hadn't. Should've told him he still owed me for it.

I was sitting at McDonald's before ushering at the Opry one evening and a family (probably tourists) was nearby. After a while the father said with a grin "You're famous, aren't you?" I said no....though who knows what a faster-thinking and less-honest person could have done with that. I mean, if I were "famous" would I be at McDonald's by myself on a Saturday evening? OK, yes, I might. So maybe it wasn't such a stretch.

A couple of times earlier this year I went up to two different women to offer compliments on their respective musical performances, and they both hugged me thinking I was someone else, even though I had spoken to one several times before. So it's not always a bad thing. But I don't plan on volunteering for any police lineups, just in case.

I found this site that finds famous faces that supposedly look like a picture you can upload. I can't say I'm in agreement with the results, overall...Dakota Fanning? Really? And Tom Green didn't show up; that's the one I've gotten most often since I've had the goatee. One more cautionary example of the limits of technology.


Amanda said...

hmmm... i can see the resemblance, but you're no Burger. You'd at least also not thave the poor sense to break up with a girl on a post-it!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Post-It? I can barely say "hello" on a blog comment with unlimited capacity for text!

You're right...and thanks...I'm assuming the first part is a compliment to my character. So in that light, you're no Carrie. Thank God.

When I think of her I can't help thinking of the comment about her on "Family Guy"--"She has a face like a foot!" It's mean, and she's not that bad...but very funny.

Not that I officially approve of either show. I mean, "Burger who?" : )

Jessica P. Wallin said...

Hey, aren't you that little girl from I Am Sam?

Don't worry, the first time I played with that site, I got Fred Durst. Now they've gotten a little better, but they still seem to have a limited supply of Celebrity look-a-likes.

I was going to make a snarky comment about don't go breaking up with anyone via Post-it, but then I read the above comment and realized that I'm sitting here staring at a big stack of Post-Its I've been making notes on all day. So, how's this? Don't go postal on a copy machine. :-)