Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not too old to rock 'n' roll

It was a good evening to be an audience member on Monday.

First, I dropped by Edgehill Studios Cafe to do a little work and to enjoy the music and advice being offered by Rick Cua. His claim to fame is being a former member of the Outlaws, but the bulk of his work since the 80's has been in Christian music as a solo artist and music executive (clearly one of the "good ones" of the latter category--really a nice guy). He mentioned he'd be playing a couple of songs with a friend later, another heavy-hitter who's had success in both the "secular" and "CCM" worlds: Dave Perkins.

So it was off to Mercy Lounge to enjoy a short but satisfying set of blistering blues, with Phil Madeira on keyboards as a bonus.

When Dave sang "we're on the King's highway" he wasn't just singing...he was celebrating. Maybe even preachin' a little.

Amen, brother.


Amanda said...

look at you, gettin all high tech and mastering the art of adding pics to posts. now if we can just get you a cell phone, you'd really be in business!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Yeah, you're right...I hate to admit how many pictures I took on my new digital camera trying to make a call!

Hey, if anyone really wants to talk to me, I'm not that difficult to find.