Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some of us are still wondering

This discovery brightened my day: the ION network, including WNPX in Nashville (17 on Comcast Cable, which is one of the handful of channels I pay for) has started showing 2 episodes back-to-back Monday - Friday of "The Wonder Years."
Sure, I could get it on DVD...but I guess I like the old-fashioned approach of receiving entertainment as a gift from the heavens. Besides, I'm already paying for the cable....

This is one of my favorite shows of all time, not only because of the witty, intelligent and heart-tugging writing and quality acting, but because it is so close to my own childhood (at least as I prefer to remember it). Just add one more antagonistic older brother and voila, it's my life. Sort of. My "Winnie Cooper" moved away before we could get into anything resembling a sweetheart situation. But Susie Bethshears did have dark hair. Not all gentlemen prefer blondes, you know.

One of the measures of good drama, like a good song, is that each audience member can say "this is about me." Trace Adkins has a song based on that observation.

Of course, in reality I may have been as much like Kevin Arnold's awkward-but-loyal friend Paul. But who wants to be the co-star of their own memories?

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Amanda said...

I love, love, LOVE this show! I never realized how Wayne was sportin' a mullet until looking at this picture though!