Saturday, April 07, 2007

Elizabeth Papalia showcase

"They're comin' to America..." Neil Diamond was so right. Annoyingly pompous and self-important, but right.

Here are a few pics of another showcase by a talented friend, Elizabeth Papalia. She is a self-proclaimed "Aussie cHick" (her spelling) and has the involved support of the top folks (I wouldn't call them "brass" though they can be shiny sometimes) at the Nashville Songwriters Assn. Int'nat'l. See, they do more than tell you why you need to rewrite, re-demo, and/or re-think your entire song (they're usually right about that, by the way); they do what they can to nudge real talent along. And Liz has it. That, and great judgment in where to get her flyer and CD printing done (Edgehill Studios Cafe).

Elizabeth Papalia


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