Monday, November 27, 2006

So much to little time

As “zero hour, 9 a.m.” (8:50, actually) is less than 32 hours away, I have to admit I don’t feel as ready to go as I would like or even as I think I ought to be…but Lord willing I’ll be on that plane ready or not, and glad to be there.

The great news is I’m fully funded thanks to some generous folks whose support is definitely appreciated. And the other forms of support I’ve received already, from the generous responses to my request for a ride to the airport, to prayers and good wishes, to patience in listening to me rattle on about my plans, are as important and highly valued.

Looks like we’ll have a good crowd for Saturday’s songwriting workshop and the concert that evening. The workshop has been the thing I have fretted over the most, and feel the least prepared for (hence more fretting), but I am trying to remind myself it is not all ON me or ABOUT me.

A song by my friend Audrey Hatcher Woodhams speaks to me as much today as when I first heard her perform it at the Koinonia Coffeehouse during a writers night hosted by Rob Frazier of Belmont Church:

(Audrey Hatcher Woodhams )

Why should I be discouraged?
And why should I be afraid
When my God is on my side?
My God is on my side

And He goes before me.
He stands behind me.
He watches over all my ways.
And He walks beside me.
He lives within me.
I am surrounded in His embrace,
Surrounded in His embrace.

Why should I feel forsaken?
And why should I feel alone
When my God is on my side?
Yes, my God is on my side.

(c) 2002 BMG Songs/ASCAP

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