Sunday, November 26, 2006

Choose to be thankful

Had a good time over Thanksgiving, seeing family and a couple of Chattanooga-area friends. I even braved the Black Friday shopping melee, at least to check out some prices, etc., but not early. The lines were still long around noon at a few places I visited, but I sensed the hardcore shoppers were already back home in bed.

It occurred to me that we may have the two holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas in the wrong order…maybe it would make more sense to find out all the stuff we got for Christmas, then express our thanks for it all?

But then I realized a couple of things. We’ve got so much to be thankful for, especially in America, that we don’t need more stuff to add to the list (generally speaking). And the best way to celebrate a holiday full of giving is with the grateful attitude we choose on that Thursday on Nov. right before we stuff ourselves (again, generally speaking). So Thanksgiving makes a nice warmup or prequel to Christmas. The challenge is to keep the attitude even after the tryptophan has worn off, and prices have gone back up to normal, and the really cold weather has arrived.

I’ve begun to take pictures with my new camera but haven’t downloaded any to be able to post. I’ll have to use work computers for that until I get a new pc myself…my current home machine is too obsolete to handle the software (if specs are to be believed). I chose picture quality and control over the sound recording feature of the other one I was looking at. I’m still not familiar enough with it to get great pics, even in the full-auto mode I’ve been using, but I’ll have about 5 hours in the airport in D.C. on Tuesday to practice. You have to be careful what you shoot at an airport though…as I found out by experience…’nother story.

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