Monday, October 27, 2014

Bennett, Stonehill, and Storm: Keeping the faith and staying in tune

Looking forward to seeing these guys in the town of my birth and sometime residence. Two of the three are musical heroes of mine since decades past (and I'm sure Buck Storm is great, too). But this isn't just about nostalgia. The kind of talent and insight these artists offer is timeless, and besides, they've been working at their craft all along. I'm sure it must be an effort to create new work when so many of your target audience members just want to relive the good times and tell you how that song you did 30 years ago changed their lives (wonderful in its own way, but also a burden of responsibility, to respond with appropriate enthusiasm and humility and to continue to achieve that level of artistry). I'm one of those fans, frankly, but I try to keep it on a general level of adulation to preserve their freedom and a modicum of my dignity. But it's tough to be cool about your heroes.

Along with the pic here in some cases, below is what I sent to some local press.

Noted singer/songwriters Bob Bennett, Randy Stonehill & Buck Storm will do an all-acoustic concert on Saturday, November 8, at Metropolitan Tabernacle in Chattanooga. Some of their songs reach back to the days of the Jesus Movement, but all are as relevant as today's headlines. The music begins at 7pm. Admission is free and a love offering will be taken.

Bob Bennett, an early and influential figure in contemporary Christian music, is a master guitarist and storyteller. CCM Magazine acclaimed his 1982 album Matters of the Heart as "Album of the Year," ranking it among the top 20 contemporary Christian albums of all time. His poetic lyrical talents, fingerstyle guitar expertise, and often self-deprecating humor have won him loyal fans as well as opportunities to work with the likes of David Wilcox and Nashville hit writer Don Henry.

GRAMMY-nominated artist Randy Stonehill, known as much for his manic onstage patter as his popular folk/rock songs and blistering guitar work, was a true pioneer in the CCM world. His 1976 album "Welcome to Paradise" is noted as a landmark release in the genre, and his career has involved collaborations with other CCM talents including Phil Keaggy and Amy Grant. Stonehill is still as passionate as ever about sharing truth through music.

Buck Storm, the "young pup" of the three, is recognized as a songwriter’s songwriter and has become a favorite both as a concert performer and worship leader in venues around the world. "I like to write songs about cities and small towns, the ghosts that hover around the edges, dreams and dreamers, families, broken and whole, sin, redemption and the struggle in between, love, squalor, motels, churches, kings, and the common man.... Whatever it is it's from the heart and as honest as I can make it."

Metro Tab is located at 2101 West Shepherd Road, near Exit 1A off Highway 153.

More info:

Call presenters J103-FM at (423) 892-1200.

You never can tell with these things; sometimes they are completely ignored and sometimes they're printed verbatim. We'll see how this one is received.

Want to help spread the word? Join and share this event on Facebook. Download this pdf, print it out, and post it around town. Call and e-mail your friends, and offer to bring them!

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