Monday, October 25, 2010

A vote for Bill is a vote for Dana

Forget about platforms...forget about the issues...forget about politics altogether. When we go to the polls to vote for our next governor, we Tennesseeans have a chance to make a difference like never Dana Carvey's career.

Just think: if Bill Haslam gets elected, there's a chance he'll go on to be President of the United States. Not only would that mean Sarah Palin would NOT be president for that term or two (a good thing in itself, if you believe like I do that she shouldn't be in the Oval Office without a guest pass), it would also give Carvey the opportunity to do what he does best: pretend to be someone else for money and laughs. Come to think of it, being president offers the same opportunity, based on past officeholders. And some didn't even have to do the pretending to be someone else part.

Mike Myers (Wayne to Carvey's Garth) may be ready to come back into the spotlight as well. Anyone up for "Austin Powers Goes to Nashville"? And if SNL doesn't want him back, at least Carvey would be a shoo-in for the job of presidential body double. Hey, if Stephen Colbert, a fake conservative, can address the real Congress (which turned out neither funny nor profound, apparently; just odd), then why not this?

But really, Haslam doesn't need to be elected president or even governor to bring this dream to life. He just needs to get caught in one of those YouTube phenomena that elevate common people to the heights of celebrity and bring the stars down to our own level. So let's keep those cameras rolling.

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Bob Baker said...

I like it Mark. You're a pretty funny guy. How's it going?