Tuesday, March 16, 2010

April showers...make good Mudpies

Charlsey Etheridge & I will be bringin' it back to the Mudpie in Chattanooga, Friday evening, April 16. She continues to impress me with her vocal talents, her cool songs (whether she's doing an original or a classic), and the fact that she doesn't even have to look at the lyrics! (Hey, I claim to be a song WRITER, not a song MEMORIZER; never have let go of that visual connection, I suppose. Occupational hazard, maybe. Or maybe I'm just a control freak.).

Plus, she has a faithful following, some of whom aren't even related to her. Some new fans from the Feb. show are shown here. Talk about a beautiful audience! This is the kind of motivation I need to keep my eyes off the cheat sheets!

We might even have a guest guitarist named Dave Mohr backing us up (i.e., making me sound good and her better); that is, if we can coax him over Monteagle. He's done well to get as far south as Nashville, seeing that he's fresh from Chicago. Check out him and Charlsey from a recent performance:

See details and more dates at www.markkellyhall.com.

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