Friday, October 02, 2009

Bring your bouzouki, we'll jam

As you can (possibly) see*, I'll be performing Thursday, October 15, at the 2nd Ave. Cafe, a restaurant in the historic railroad town of Cowan, TN, at the foot of Monteagle. I understand Chef John applies his considerable talents to a variety of dishes featuring (but not limited to) Greek cuisine. No cover, but bring an appetite! I won't be setting anything on fire (I prefer to leave that to the professionals), but yelling "opah!" at appropriate moments will be allowed.

The music starts around 7 pm and ends around 9 pm. I'll be offering an eclectic blend of acoustic folk/pop originals...and songs you already like. If you are handy with a conga, or can add some lead guitar, lemme know; I could use the company! The address is 204 Cumberland Street East, in case you like to use that nifty GPS. See and/or call (931) 962-8599 for info.

Caution: Jokes based on or ending with the phrase "it's all Greek to me" may result in the perpetrator(s) being ejected from the premises.

*(Click here for a larger, print-ready file. I realize this picture makes me seem like I take myself very seriously. Too seriously. Gotta get that smiling shot made.)

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