Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Be a DAD for South Africa

Bono did his part...G.W.Bush did his part...now it's your turn to be a hero to the children of South Africa. For only a Dollar A Day, you can be a DAD. (Get it?).

Living Hope is an organization made up of some really amazing people in Cape Town who've seen what can only be described as miracles as a result of their faithfulness. This group is losing a huge chunk of its budget formerly supplied by PEPFAR funds (supplied by you and me, my fellow taxpayer, thanks in large part to the leadership of the former administration and the exhortation of the U2 frontman; an odd marriage of interests if ever there was one). This means their work, essential in preventing the continued destruction of life and hope in their nation by AIDS, is facing a crisis of its own.

Can we help? Answer: YES WE CAN! (Get the ironic reference? Good, just checking). See the 2-minute video for info on how.

And here's the 6-minute version with more details.

For info on my own involvement with this group of great folks, scroll down and see the links on the right side of this page.

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