Monday, August 06, 2007

I suppose Dopey does their p.r.?

Everyone who paid attention in English class when the teacher was talking about misplaced modifiers 'n' such (I know I'm not the only nerd in the room) will get a kick out of this:

"Closed since 2002, Grumpy's is what Polk County night life is all about."

This is from a website blurb about a nightclub located on the banks of the Ocoee River in East Tennessee, explaining the history of the club and how it has "been reborn"...but the sentence above throws the whole pitch off-track a mite.

This would be especially funny to anyone who, like me, grew up in nearby Bradley County, since the folks from Polk County were the ones we tended to pick on for being backward, ignorant, etc. for whatever reason, justified or not. Even the most casual sociologist would tell you that every group has someone to look down on, regardless of how similar they are. For us, the term "Polk County" said with a smirk was the understood joke that no one ever explained or felt a need to explain. I'm over that prejudice now...but I still think this is funny.

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