Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And we didn't even need the DeLorean

Had a great 4th (and the 3rd was good, too!)! A "old/new" friend flew in from Austin for a midweek working vacation, to get away from the Texas rain (that's a remarkable statement in itself) and to fulfill a longtime goal of visiting Nashville. I think I can assume that experiencing the pleasure of my company was a high priority on her list of reasons to come, but I don't want to compliment myself too highly...I prefer to leave that to others. You can start anytime.

I hadn't seen Elizabeth since high school (never mind how long ago for now), and didn't know her well then, but she had left a lasting impression; this was despite competition from my major crush on another girl (revealed to all at our previous class reunion in a sketch idea I stole from Conan O'Brien). Of course, since I was handicapped by a lack of confidence or transportation in those days, the "competition" was more theoretical than reality-based.

Anyway, being the communicator and people-gatherer that I am, I responded to Elizabeth when she updated her info, and I encouraged her to attend the next reunion this Fall (thinking only of class unity, of course). This led to an e-mail conversation, which included discussing possibilities for the reunion...which led to her visit last week. Since she is one of my few readers and since there are some cards even I am inclined to keep close to my chest, suffice it to say it was a good visit for both of us.

Highlights included the Tuesday Opry (featuring the almost-lifelike Porter Wagoner and the smooth-as-ever Restless Heart), a quick tour of the Opryland Hotel, the obligatory but enjoyable review of the high school yearbooks, and (for me) having someone to cheer me on before, during and after I & Joni Bishop did our music at Lyrix. She didn't even complain when I kept to our stated policy of "hugs only" for the duration; yep, I can be tough on a woman that way, but clearly she's one who can take it! Ya gotta admire that kind of character; maybe all that time in Texas had its effect.

Back to the real world.... Despite our vastly different life experiences both during and since high school, we have found plenty of common ground to discuss. One thing we agreed on was how foolish it is to categorize and make assumptions about people, and how much we miss out on when we fail to make an effort to get to know those who are outside our usual circles. One of many bits of wisdom you gain as high school becomes more & more a distant memory. Nice to give those memories a current spin, though.

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jmar35@hotmail.com said...

I remember Elizabeth, I have no doubt she's just as beautiful as she was in high school..you two would make a great couple. I know, I 'm probably reading WAY too much into it, but I do think it would be neat...call me a hopeless romantic...anyway, it's good to make a semi-quasi connection with a former classmate (Note: I didn't say OLD classmate, 'cause we aren't OLD..hmm..wonder who I'm trying to convince....)