Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cape Town Meets Music City

Had a good time at Lyrix on Wed. night (Jan. 31), doing the writers round I put together (I've given up figuring out whether there should be an apostrophe--it's just easier to consider it a non-possessive adjective). Joni Bishop has such an inviting, easy style; when she starts playing you tend to say "Ah, THIS is what I wanted to hear, and didn't even realize it." And Matt Allison was as much the polished pro as ever as he performed his obliquely spiritual and mesmerizing tunes. You would never have known (if I hadn't shared it with everyone) that he had been stressed out earlier by an incident with a non-cooperative gas pump, made more frustrating by his limited experience with pumping his own gas--they leave this to the professionals in Africa. He was under the impression that pressing the service button would actually produce...service. Live and learn, Matt!

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