Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday: I'm so glad we had this time...together...

After taking a little longer to pack than most normal people (at least it's easier packing for the return trip, since there are fewer choices of what to take), I was on my way back to Capricorn, with my reliable guide and driver, Susie. We picked up local resident and volunteer Maggie at the Muizenberg shelter on the way to the HIV/AIDS support group meeting. This meeting would be the first time I had actually spent in someone's home in a township, so I felt some nervousness mixed with curiosity. I didn't really have a biblical "lesson" in mind to offer; I had been conditioned by now to be OK with winging it (in the Spirit, presumably).

The house we went to was very comfortable though small; the atmosphere reminded me of my late grandmother's house. After a very pleasant visit during which I croaked out a few songs (solo and singalong) with my cough-afflicted voice, and after sharing a light snack, Susie and Maggie and I excused ourselves and headed for the airport.

I was comfortably early, and had time to check in without being rushed. Thanks to a good travel plan, and no delayed flights until the final leg from D.C. to Nashville (courtesy United/Mesa), I didn't have to worry about being late for the rest of the trip.

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